Green Groceries, a weekly smart stop at the store

Grocery shopping is brutal. Nothing is more frustrating than going grocery shopping, spending more than necessary, forgetting certain ingredients and then throwing half the food away. Thankfully we've got you covered! braisd is for people who still believe in supporting their neighborhood grocery stores, while saving money and eating well!

braisd's shopping approach is something you want to do, not something you're forced to.


Prices are going up; we aim to make the increase insignificant. braisd saves you money; on average a delicious and filling meal will cost you $3, that’s a coffee!


braisd offers you weekly recipes, prepares your grocery list, compares prices and lets you know where it would be cost-efficient to buy your groceries. Stop going through flyer after flyer, braisd does it for you.


In Canada, 60% of food is wasted. Start reducing your carbon footprint. At braisd our objective is to achieve a zero waste kitchen.

How it works ?

braisd's suggestions

With price comparison, your dietary needs and your virtual fridge in mind, braisd suggests the best recipes week after week.

G list

Once the weekly recipes are chosen, braisd will prepare you a simple and precise grocery list of your missing ingredients.

On the menu

Whether you’re old school and a paper copy is essential or technology is your language, the recipes will be available in both formats. Cooking is a therapy and should be done your way.

Virtual fridge

Don't worry about what's left, braisd will find a way to use it next week. Zero waste is our objective.

Ready to get started ?

Let us know if you'd like to take part in our free beta by filling out the form below.