Raison d'être

Hey everyone

I'm Raul, founder here at braisd.

Buying groceries may seem like a chore, but it really shouldn't be.

A souk, bazaar, mercado, pelengke, call it whatever you want; it represented the center of daily life all over the world. That's what the experience once was.

Everything changed.

As a result, the social aspect slowly faded and let's face it, most of us feel increasingly pressed for time. We tend to buy frozen foods at a tremendous impact on our health or rely on meal kits/boxes, which create a dent in our pockets.

At braisd , we build weekly DIY meal kits at the price of frozen meals. braisd will go through flyer after flyer until we can suggest you the most affordable, smarter and greener meals.

We're here to remodel the in-store experience ... not for them, but for you—a fresh restart for those who still want to encourage their neighbourhood grocer.

With braisd, you are giving back to the planet while not giving up on your time or money, everything from the comfort of your neighbourhood.signature607654f6cbe8e.png